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Monday, June 18, 2012

A Rant... on Life.

I'm pretty sure that I've said this all before, but in different words.  Repetitions and reminders are good though, so here it is...

There's something about every individual that makes them completely unique and infinitely similar to others.  In other words, oftentimes, that which makes us distinct is the very thing that connects us to others, because they too, have something of those distinctions in them.  This is a paradox, a contradiction of sorts, and it is the often confounding task of every person to find that unique cocktail of qualities that will make them more relatable and ultimately more true to their own perfect nature.

I've been asking myself what unique qualities I would like to share with others.  What do I have that would serve my own need to curiously engage in life as well as serve the curiosities in others in ways that no one else is offering them?  Is being so distinct and so relatable even possible?  I suppose what I am getting at is: I want to stand out and fit in all at the same time.  I want to be a leader, leading others back to themselves, not to some set of intellectual concepts, not to a spectacle of my ego, not to a mythology of life that they have to adopt in order to feel real.  I want to do this by way of leading myself back to me, ever more deeply connecting to the never before manifested truth of myself which is the immortal and infinite truth of everything that has, does and ever will exist (another paradox, for ya).  I want to lead by example. 

Perhaps, even wanting that, I inhibit my ability to naturally fall instep with myself.  I have a desire, yes, but in order for that desire to manifest, must I let go of it?  Again, a paradox.  In order to come more fully into my true nature, I must stop wanting to come into it and quite simply, be it.  If I feel out of step with myself in some way, I can simply stop and start again, with a new step. 

The only thing that keeps us from ourselves is our own resistance to ourselves.  We get in our own way and we have only to choose to stay in it or to get out of it.  As the Borg so eloquently put it, "Resistance is futile."  If life is meant to be lived, why resist it?  Resistance creates boredom, passivity, disappointment, and stagnation.  What's the point, if that's all we get? 

Wow!  This world is so full of wonder and possibilities, there is adventure and insight to be had around every corner, there are excellent lessons to be learned and healings to journey through.  Wouldn't you rather step into life (even if they're very small steps) this way, instead of stand in life with all the tension and control and fear that is resistance?  I know I would.

But I digress.  I seek only to grow throughout life and live as an inspiration to myself with the hope that somehow, said inspiration will be contagious to others, such that it can spread like a horrible epidemic across the multiverse and make what we call life something to be truly grateful for.  I want this, because quite selfishly, I want to live a content and happy life, full of all of the good and bad and wonderfully strange things that make existence all worthwhile. 

So be it.

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  1. I appreciate sharing your thoughts. As someone who is also trying to find myself and dealing with some successes & failures at points, it's nice to hear another perspective on the journey. Please keep up the good work, we'll all benefit from it in the long run!


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